Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corn crib

A perfect late summer morning yesterday so I went to the farm (and the farmer's market). I found a great spot in the shade to do this painting of the dappled sunlight. But of course, my shade didn't last. As is often the case when my painting is in direct sunlight, I tend to make it a little too high-key--the darks a little too dark and the lights too light. Next time I'll remember my umbrella. I did a little studio adjusting and I'm happy with it now.
Oil, 10" x 12"


Double "D" said...

Hi David,
This really tells the story. Dappled
light and the steamy temperatures.

Went down the west side Saturday by
some of your painting spots. I should have
pulled in to see if you were there.
Later, dd

Pam Holnback said...

Just discovered your blog. Love the scenes you choose, the rural area, the light and dark. I scrolled back quite awhile. Enjoyed it all. I was raised in a suburb of Chicago, moved away in '64. My family had a summer home on lake Michigan, although just across the Indiana border. For 2 summers I went to Camp Manistee. When I saw that "word' in a post, my memory bank went wild. Ahhh, childhood.

David Westerfield said...

Thanks Doug. We need to meet and paint sometime on Michigan's left coast.

And thank you Pam for the kind comments. You should come back and paint along the lake too.

Kyle Martin said...

Hi David,
I am glad I found your blog, plenty to admire here! Nice "feeling of the bulk of the tree" on this piece. I'm going to follow your blog now.


Laurel Daniel said...

I love the way you handled the tree trunk on the right especially!