Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rocks, sand, and water

Most, if not all of the beaches in Hawaii, are fringed by lava rocks. With the waves washing in, it makes for an interesting and challenging subject. This painting was a quick hour-and-a-half before I had to leave for the art opening I was attending. I'm going to try and spend some in-depth studio time with this subject next.

Mid-day shore, oil, 11" x 9"

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beach morning

I painted one morning last week at beach just at the south end of Lahaina, Maui. I've painted there several times before because it has a lot of the visual elements I like about Hawaii—beach, ocean, palms, canoes, island and mountain views. Anytime of day, looking one way or another, you can find the right light. This is a view looking north from right in front of the Pacific’O restaurant at 505 Front Street.

I started painting around 8:30 just as the nearby surfing lessons were getting started. On the restaurant deck people started getting things set up for lunch a little while later and the manager (or owner, I don't know which), came out to visit and see what I was up to. He asked if I drank coffee (of course I do), and came back in a few minutes with a wonderful cappuccino.

This was about a three hour effort with pauses to look around and enjoy being there. I knew it was going to be a good day with such a beautiful view and great coffee, and then a new friend stopped by and laid in the sand to keep me company.

Lahaina morning, oil, 14" x 12" SOLD

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I met someone here on Maui who told me about the local plein air painters group that gets together weekly somewhere around the island to paint. I decided to go to this weeks location, Olowalu, and paint with them.

I've been getting up early, trying not to get too far off of my mid-west time zone, so I figured to be one of the first to arrive. There is a small, beach-front park with the remains of an old mill and rock pier. Walking out on the pier gave a great view of the shore and mountains. With the morning shadows in the valleys and the blue skies, that was most interesting to me.

I painted for a little more than two hours and finally notice a few painters setting up on-shore. They're on island time. I think they missed the best early morning light though.

Olowalu view, oil, 9" x 12"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Painting at a wedding

Maui is a special place for weddings and honeymoons, of course, and when I was researching to find a particular beach I'd seen in photos and advertising, it was said that Secret Beach was a common place for nuptials. It's a "secret" because it's kind of hard to find. It's behind a rock wall between lava rock outcroppings that each have a house on them (you don't really see the houses). It's no more than 40 yards long and picture perfect.

At 7:45 in the morning I thought I might be there before anyone else, but I was wrong. A very small wedding was just about to get started. A Hawaiian minister officiating, a guitar player/ singer, a witness, a videographer, photographer and the bride and groom. I set up off to the side and was told I wouldn't be in the way. I got to watch the wedding while I painted and they were done and gone by the time I was half finished. The videographer even wanted to shoot a few minutes of me painting as part of the ambiance.

Another day in paradise.

Secret cove, oil, 16" x 12"

Monday, February 20, 2012


Back on Maui for a week of painting, and I timed my trip to coincide with the Maui Plein Air Invitational. I know some of the participating painters and it's great to watch and be inspired by the great art they're doing. They have several public paint-outs including a quick-paint at the end of the week right before the gallery show. There's also a lecture on Impressionism by Jean Stern, executive director of the Irvine Museum in California.

Great weather so far, aside from a few passing showers of liquid sunshine. This painting is my first of the week done on the North Ka'anapali beach near the condo I'm staying at. More to come.

Looking toward Lanai, oil 9" x 12"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Remembering summer

A plein air piece I did at the end of last summer that I never posted. Nearing day's end along the Michigan shore. Looking forward to those days again.
Late day, summer, oil, 10" x 9"

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Art and wine

I'm heading to Michigan this weekend where I've been invited to participate in The Art of Wine Country, a one-evening event at the Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor. Eight artists will be showing their work while attendees enjoy food and wine tastings from Leelanau area wineries. I did this little still life which I thought apropos for the area.
Wine and cherries, oil 10" x 8"