Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whitewall tires

Another little sketch from last weeks trip. My mom lives in a "seniors" community. Most seem pretty active. Walking, swimming, or like this neighbor, that my mom says rides his bike everywhere.
Whitewall tires, oil 8" x 6"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Florida sunshine

This week was a perfect time to escape the Illinois winter and I found great weather in the middle of Florida, upper 70's and sunny. I have done a little exploring around these parts before while visiting my mother, but this first little painting is her next door neighbor's Honeybell oranges. I got to sample one too, so juicy.
oil, 8" x 10"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Camp canoes

My first studio piece of this new year, a large one. I have had it in mind since last summer up at camp on Portage Lake in Michigan. One of my favorite subjects: dappled sunlight.

I was recently considering entering a competition and looked at the judge’s portfolio online. He had a painting of an ordinary house with yard and trees. Well painted, but it was a gray day with totally flat light. I could never get excited about painting a scene like that. Had there been early or late-day sun, making interesting shadows with the contrast of warm and cool light, that would do it for me. Sunlight always puts me in a better mood. Even when it is 17 degrees here.

Off to FL next week where I hope to get a little plein air in while visiting my mother.

Camp canoes, oil, 18" x 36"