Sunday, June 27, 2010

'51 Chevy pickup

I spotted this great old truck parked in a driveway in Cedarburg. I've been wanting to paint something like this. I found a spot across the street in the shade, a very hot day, and started in. After a couple hours a woman came out to check on my progress and brought me a glass of ice water. She said it was her husband's truck and to come for something more to drink when I was done. He turned out to be sculptor Chuck Whitehouse and she was author Barbara Joosse. I had a nice visit with them and a tour of Chuck's studio, a converted 150-year-old barn.

This was my third time at the Cedarburg Plein Air event. Each time enjoyable, but this time even more so because of the artists, committee members, and others I got to know. Ken DeWaard, a nice guy and great artist did a demonstration one day. It was inspirational to watch Tom Nachreiner paint, as well as Mary Ulm Mayhew, Larry Seiler and many others. Fun to walk around this historic little town and see artists painting everywhere. We each were allowed to submit two paintings from the week plus one each from the "quick-paint" event and "Paint the strawberry festival" day. I was happy to sell two of my four submissions.

I'll post more soon.

'51 Chevy, oil, 10" x 12"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick paint

Saturday I participated in the Cedarburg Plein Air "Quick-paint" event. Sign-in, have your canvas stamped, and return in two-and-a-half hours with a framed, ready to hang painting. We could choose any subject in the designated town and surrounding area. I picked Kuhefuss house, one of the many historic homes right on the main street in town. I liked the picket fence, garden and flag. My first time in the quick-paint. I liked having the clock ticking, no time for fussing and overworking.
Oil, 12" x 9" SOLD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cedarburg Plein Air

I'm participating in the Cedarburg (WI) Plein Air competition again this year. It's a week-long event, but I can't be there every day. I was there Friday and Saturday, got four paintings done. Here is my first, the local, retro, drive-in. I was there on Friday, but wished I could have been there Thursday night. Thats when everyone comes with their "antique" cars and hot-rods. Maybe next year.

Wayne's, oil, 12" x 9"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to the islands

I just finished this studio painting from a plein air study I did on Maui a few months back. Now that the warmth is here in the midwest, I'm not missing it quite so much. I hope to get lots of plein air time in this summer and some larger studio paintings done too. When it's nice weather I use my "outdoor studio." I have an easel on our deck where I get some good sky light.
Shore fisherman, oil, 20" x 14"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cabin 10

The Michigan summer camp I've been going to for more than forty years has been slowly upgrading their facilities. Some nice changes, but some of us will miss the more rustic, old camp. There are three remaining original cabins (1940s I think) and the "Canteen" that I want to paint before they get demolished or "renovated." This is cabin 10, the one we've stayed in for the past few years at Family Camp. It's small, simple, and has a nice view facing the lake.
Oil on panel, 12" x 9"