Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birch trees

To me birch trees are a symbol of northern Michigan. Along with White Pines, you see them wherever you drive up there. I painted these one afternoon in July standing on the side of a hill above Portage Lake. It got rather uncomfortable after a couple of hours and I lost the light so it went unfinished till now.
Above the lake, oil, 16" x 9"

My last painting with birch trees was North M 22. It's now available as a limited edition giclee print from Les Sirenes Gallery (a gallery I've just started exhibiting with in Frankfort, MI), MacBeth & Co. in Onekama and Glen Arbor, or from me.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

another beauty.
Love the way the darks and lights flow throughout the painting. The trees are integrated with the background.

Laurel Daniel said...

This long format really enhances the feeling of tallness... and yes, so Michigan. I do love it up there! :)

And so cool - a gallery in Frankfort! Congrats and good luck with the gyclee. (That is a great piece too!)