Monday, August 6, 2012

Glen Arbor Paint-Out — Awards!

This past weekend was the Glen Arbor Art Association’s 4th annual paint-out in Michigan. In years past it was a one day event, but this year they added a Friday afternoon quick-paint. 40 artists showed up for the two-hour, timed event at Thorsen Farm in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. This was where I'd spent time during my artist residency in June so I had an idea of what I wanted to paint. I stood off to one edge of the property looking back toward one of the barns and the corn crib. We hung our paintings in the re-done barn/shed to be judged while potential patrons viewed our efforts. And, happily, I was awarded First Place and soon after, a red dot for a sold painting.

Birch at the farm, oil, 10" x 8" SOLD

On Saturday 60 registered artists checked-in at 8 AM to get their canvases stamped and head out to paint wherever they wanted in the area. I first headed to the historic D.H. Day farm, with it’s restored, 100-year-old barn.

Old Oak at the Day farm, oil 12" x 16"

Next I headed into town to paint the well-loved Art’s Tavern. Standing in the sun on very hot day for 3 hours would have been a real chore except that Eric (in the orange shirt) brought me ice water on his walks over to check on my progress.

Two beers, please, oil, 10" x 12" SOLD

Everyone brought there paintings back to the Art Association at 4:30, framed and ready to hang. Judging and then a crowd entered and a bell was rung to start the purchasing. Glad to say this one sold right away. All the artists and attendees each received a vote for a “Peoples choice” award. I voted for a watercolor by Phil Fisher, but my “Two beers” won!

Oh, and I had opening reception for a show too—next post.


Laurel Daniel said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wonderful paintings, well deserved awards, red dots... woo hoo!

Deb said...

Fantastic! Your paintings are amazing.