Monday, August 8, 2011

Glen Arbor Paint-out Award

I'm honored to have received the 1st Place award for one of my paintings on Saturday at the Glen Arbor Art Association's Plein Air Paint-out. 66 artists got their canvases, boards, and papers stamped at 8 in the morning and were back at 4 pm with two, framed and ready to hang paintings. My afternoon painting was of the Pine Cone, a long-time favorite spot in Glen Arbor for hot dogs and ice cream. Lots of big pines around, of course, and two of them grow right through the building.

Flat light and iffy weather all day. I had to grab my umbrella for a few minutes of raindrops. But the sun came out as I was finishing, just in time to show me the shadow on the roof.

I was also happy to see the red dot appear soon after start of the reception. A woman visiting from Arizona with childhood memories of summer visits to the Pine Cone bought it.

The Pine Cone, oil, 16" x 10" SOLD


Laurel Daniel said...

Congratulations and GREAT painting!!! WOO HOO!

Sarah said...

Congratulations, exciting!

Meagan said...

Wow! Congratulations, Dave! What a thrill. I love it! Meagan Gillan