Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock

While in Sedona I had to go see Cathedral Rock. It's shown all the time in the publicity of the area. My son and I drove late one afternoon to the state park and walked along the creek to find a view. We took our shoes off and waded across to this little rock island where I set up. I painted a couple of hours before I ran out of light. Just had a chance to finish it here at home.
Springtime on Oak Creek, oil, 14" x 10"


Laurel Daniel said...

That rock has such an architectural quality - great job caturing the breathtaking massiveness of it all!

James R Hawkinson said...

How refreshing to wake this morning, David, and scan your work. You have been and remain a treasured friend and colleague. Bless you in your work and your family as they grow and thrive.

r garriott said...

Beautiful paintings! At first I thought your profile said you were 25... kind of relived to know you may be a bit more than that. (: