Monday, March 23, 2009


It's not nice enough for painting outside here yet, so for practice I pulled out some reference photos (from the thousands I've taken). And since I'm still missing being in Hawaii, I put on KPOA --live through the internet from Maui--and painted these.

The palms is kind of a combination of images. There was no distant island in the photos, but I thought the composition needed it. I'm learning to simplify palm fronds. It's always a temptation to over paint them. Palm study, oil, 19" x 6"

The surfer had just finished and was leaving the beach where we were boogie boarding on Oahu. Enough for today, oil, 8" x 6"

Next week: Sedona, Arizona.


Melissa said...

Beautiful work, as always!

Laurel Daniel said...

oh, I love the long format you used with the palms... They called for that and it works so well. Sedona? Are you going there? Cool - do some paintings!

PS - love the surfer dude too!