Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ArtPrize — plein air to studio

This year, I again entered ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s one of the largest art competitions and probably pays out the most award money, more than $500,000. 1500-plus artist must “connect” with a venue to show their work.  I have been wanting to do a larger piece, so this was a good opportunity. Last year (click here) I entered a 24" x 30" piece, this year, 60" x 48." My piece is showing at Cathedral Square.

Since the audience is mostly from Michigan, and I paint a lot of Michigan subjects, I thought “A Michigan Shore” would fit well. This spot near Elberta is one of my favorite coastal views. I've painted en plein air there several times, so having studied the subject, doing a large studio painting was made easier. Here is my entry and some plein air versions from the last few years.

A Michigan Shore,
oil, 60" x 48"

At ArtPrize

8" x 6"

12" x 10"

11" x 14"

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Laurel Daniel said...

Good luck with the show! This is a stunning piece and it's great to see the plein air studies too.