Friday, January 13, 2012

Camp canoes

My first studio piece of this new year, a large one. I have had it in mind since last summer up at camp on Portage Lake in Michigan. One of my favorite subjects: dappled sunlight.

I was recently considering entering a competition and looked at the judge’s portfolio online. He had a painting of an ordinary house with yard and trees. Well painted, but it was a gray day with totally flat light. I could never get excited about painting a scene like that. Had there been early or late-day sun, making interesting shadows with the contrast of warm and cool light, that would do it for me. Sunlight always puts me in a better mood. Even when it is 17 degrees here.

Off to FL next week where I hope to get a little plein air in while visiting my mother.

Camp canoes, oil, 18" x 36"


Laurel Daniel said...

Oh, and you do it so well! This piece has such beautiful rhythm and pattern. Way to welcome the new year!

Double "D" said...

Really well done David. It does bring back memories.