Monday, June 20, 2011

Cedarburg Plein Air

I had a great three days in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, at their 11th annual plein air event. It continues this week, but I needed to get home so I did two days of painting in the area designated around town and then Saturday, participated in the "quick paint."

This was my fourth year so I know the area pretty well. I have driven a lot of the local streets and county roads there looking for painting locations that did something for me. I was happy that they expanded the map this year so I explored the new area first. When I saw this little wetland from the car I knew I'd found my spot. I looked at a few angles and then approached the landowner for permission. She told me they had created the pond six years ago from what was farmland. It looked so natural like it'd been there forever. When she saw what I had chosen to paint, she said "we call that our 'best seat in the house.'" A good title I thought.

Best seat in the house, oil, 12" x 16" SOLD


Laurel Daniel said...

Love that... great title, great painting.

Wendie Thompson said...

Really wonderful David!