Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow and a show

I have finally gotten around to painting a seasonal scene. A warm location is always my first choice, but winter shadows on a sunny day are hard to resist. One of the things that attracts me to a subject like this, is contrast: shadows vs. light, cool vs. warm, sharp focus vs. soft. These things can make about any subject more interesting and dynamic. Trying to capture them is one of the reasons I don't get tired of painting. Winter brook, oil, 14" x 10"

On another note, I just installed artwork for a group show of the Glenview Art League at The BookMarket in the Glen Town Center. I was happy to find out another graphic designer/painter I knew joined the group: Deb Anderson. She has some great pieces in the show and she's also, like me, a North Park University alum.


Double "D" said...

Well this is certainly a departure from
the trade winds of Hawaii.
Nice work David.


James R Hawkinson said...

Congratulations from a Minnesotan, where snow abounds, as do birches and the shadows they cast.

You are a birch yourself, and have been for yours, casting warm shadows on our common life and work from your studios.

I wrote Nathan Stromberg, Bob's son and my grandson, commending your site this morning, even as I am writing you to be in touch with him, now a MAS from the Boston School of Art who heads the art dept at Minnehaha, and has a current exhibit himself in the Community Hall at Hopkins, MN.

His email is and his "blob," on which earlier there is a video of his work centering on the '50s, is at

Thanks again for being you and doing all you continue to do as part of our common life in the Covenasnt. I am blessed and honored to be your friend and colleague.

Jim H