Monday, June 7, 2010

Cabin 10

The Michigan summer camp I've been going to for more than forty years has been slowly upgrading their facilities. Some nice changes, but some of us will miss the more rustic, old camp. There are three remaining original cabins (1940s I think) and the "Canteen" that I want to paint before they get demolished or "renovated." This is cabin 10, the one we've stayed in for the past few years at Family Camp. It's small, simple, and has a nice view facing the lake.
Oil on panel, 12" x 9"


Laurel Daniel said...

Yes, you must record the great old spots. This is where I would want to stay too.

Barb Soet said...

LOVE Cabin 10 (AND Cabin 11...) You captured it on a great day - nicely done! Thank you!

Double "D" said...

This is perfect David, you've captured the light from the reflections and sun through the tree's. Makes me think of childhood.