Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coffee farm

Just up the hill from the resort area I'm staying in is the Kaanapali Coffee Farm. A working coffee plantation that is also a real estate development. You buy a parcel of four to seven acres of which about one acre is for your house and yard, the remainder is planted with coffee that is taken care of by a cooperative. It makes for a low density neighborhood and nice views--which come with a large price tag: $1 million just for the land. They had a couple of raised, viewing platforms that they gave me permission to use. They were even covered, ideal for painting. That's the island of Lanai in the distance.

Coffee view, oil 10" x 16"


Double "D" said...

that's right, just throw all that
beautiful sun and scenery right in
our face. lol.

these are excellent pieces david.
it's obvious the change of scenery
agrees with you.

enjoy your time.

Jane said...

It is beautiful, I would be happy to live there.