Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Vogue too

A few months ago I did a plein air painting of the Vogue Theatre in Manistee MI. Closed for several years, it's a local landmark in need of renovation. I just finished this studio version which is headed to River Street Gallery. It will also be available as a giclee print.
Yellow car at the Vogue, oil, 16 x 12


Barb Soet said...

This is great! I can't wait to see the prints.

Laurel Daniel said...

This is so wonderful... good luck with the prints!!!

Ann-Marie and David said...

Liz shared your URL with me, and I had to post on this one, because I've walked past the Vogue theater numerous times while visiting Marc, Sarah, and family.

All of these are stunning, Dave. Great work!