Monday, September 21, 2009

Sketching at the farm

With such nice summer-like weather, I headed over to our local farm for some morning sketching. Just trying to get some practice in and not worrying about making a piece of "fine art."

You don't think about how fast an animal walks while grazing until you're trying to paint it. You have to put the paint down quick.

These are both oil on 6" x 8" canvas panels.


James R Hawkinson said...

It's interesting, David, how your artistic sensitivities blend with sensitivities to life, brush and learning, still life and growth in one's understnding.

I liked your reflection in these latest efforst on the farm: 1) that your first goal was not to produce 'a great piece of fine art,' and 2: that you hadn't noticed how fast an animal moves while grazing and "you have to put the brush down fast."

To thus be growing not only in your craft but in your sensitivity to life as it is I found wonderful.

Bless you and yours and God's--like the horses and tress and landscapes you keep placing before us.

Be encouyraged to know that your efforst are both blessing this one and increasing my learning curve. Yours is a ministry as well as mine and I am grateful.


Laurel Daniel said...

Yes, patience for the practice... so good. And your quick decision making made for some really fine studies here! Nice!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful paintings!