Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gompers Park

Saturday I met the Plein Air Painters of Chicago at Gompers Park on the North side of the city. A nice little natural area where you can forget where you are except for the occasional sounds of sirens and passing city buses. 

Tree by the pond, oil 10" x 8"


Melissa said...

I grew up playing Little League at Gompers. Now we go for weekly walks there. I really like the little oasis area near the Salvation Army church. Beautiful work yet again, Dave.

Laurel Daniel said...

These trees appear to be in a dance! Love the dappled light on the trunks.

James R Hawkinson said...

Great to see you over the weekend, David, and great to come home to the email on Gompers Park, familiar to me since childhood.

Keep up the good work!