Sunday, March 16, 2008

Small paintings

Kevin Macpherson is one of today's best know plein air painters. He's also a highly sought after instructor and author. I had the chance to meet him on my recent trip where he was the Special Guest of the Maui Plein AIr Invitational and along with Jean Stearn, director of the Irvine Museum, gave a lecture on plein air and his "Pond" series paintings. Over the course of five years he did one painting for everyday of the year of the pond next to his house.

In his books he recommends doing one hundred small quick paintings for practice, working daily for an hour and numbering them to track progress. I'm committing to trying this and just bought one hundred small canvas panels.

Here's a start. Though I admit I spent too much time one this, more like two hours instead of one. The challenge is working fast and knowing when to quit.

This is a view of the West Maui mountains done from photos I took while there. Oil, 8" x 10"

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